NO HANDS massage

NO HANDSĀ® is really a whole therapy system in it’s own right which is why I’ve devoted a page to explaining the different options available.

Body Massage

Focusing on the back and legs but also including the feet, face and abdomen this is the most common style of NO HANDS massage. Take whatever you need from this treatment be it nurturing, rejuvenation or connection this is a powerful treatment to allow you that escapism you deserve.

Structural Release

This is deep massage designed to loosen those stiff, aching muscles, relieve tension and invigorate the body. This massage is designed to free up the neck, spine and hips allowing the body to function as intended.

Colon Treatment

This is a unique abdomen treatment which allows the body to balance itself. Working gently and deeply it allows the muscles of this elimination organ to regain health and thus help your whole body to improve. Using clear hand signals you are able to control the depth of the treatment and so remain in full control. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those suffering from digestive disorders such as IBS.

Reflex Treatment

Working on the same principles as traditional reflexology, the NO HANDS version allows the reflexes to be stimulated deeply but without the pain sometimes associated with the more precise version of reflexology. Again hand signals are used to allow you to control the depth so the treatment in never too deep or too gentle for you.

Detox Treatment

This is really a combination of the reflex and colon treatments, it stimulates the body’s own natural instinct to de-toxify and cleanse itself. Perfect for those times when you need a good ‘clear out’ or kick start to a diet program.

Repletion Treatment

This treatment is completely different from the other styles of massage – it is very slow with periods of stillness; allowing you to reconnect and restore your own body’s energy. It is intended for those suffering chronic conditions where deep treatment would be ineffective and potentially too much to bear e.g. people with m.e. or fibromyalgia, in cancer remission or other long term medical conditions.