Massage has evolved over many hundreds of years and is the most widely accepted Complementary Therapy. Regular massage can help with a variety of conditions including muscle aches and pains, improved circulation, and insomnia as well as being deeply relaxing. There are many different types but it is often a matter of preference which one you choose. I have trained in several massage disciplines and often ‘mix and match’ techniques to give you a truly bespoke service, the following is a guide to the different massages I currently offer:



The classic and general relaxing massage to aid detoxification and relax both mind and body. A one hour treatment consists of massage to the back, legs, feet, abdomen (if requested) arms, hands and top of chest and into the neck.

½ hour (back)- £18

1 hour – £35


Deep Tissue

Using a variety to techniques to massage deeper into the muscles to target any painful or tense areas. Deep tissue massage should not be painful but may be a little uncomfortable at times when particularly tense areas are being worked on. Treatment is usually focused on problem areas although a one hour session can still cover the areas mentioned above as requested.

½ hour – £18

1 hour – £35


No Hands® Massage

NO HANDS massage

NO HANDS massage


Originally developed by Gerry Pyves after years of clinical development in order to prevent repetitive strain and injury to the therapist, this style has become widely regarded as the best type of massage currently available. An extremely deep and powerful massage where I mainly use my forearms to massage with, it really needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

For more details on the different NO HANDS options please click here

½ hour – £18 (choose from back, head or feet)

1 hour – £35


Carried out on the side and including a range of techniques to help with some of the problems associated with pregnancy, this soothing treatment can be of great benefit to both mum-to-be and baby. Regular treatments in pregnancy have been associated with easier births and increased bonding between mother and baby as well as easing the toll often taken on the mother’s body at this special yet often stressful time.

1 hour – £35


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

One of several stretches in Thai Yoga Massage

A completely different style of massage to the above! For this massage you remain fully clothed and lay on a special mat on the floor. The massage itself is a combination of acupressure and gentle yoga-like stretches. It incorporates palming and thumb pressing along the energy lines to balance the body energetically to induce a calm mental state and aid relaxation. Regular treatments may help to improve posture and flexibility and also loosen tight muscles.

Anyone can benefit from this wonderful treatment and no previous yoga experience is required! Please note this is Northern Style Thai massage and as such is more gentle than massages you may have received in Thailand – I do not ‘crack’ joints nor do I walk on your back! Please wear loose comfortable clothing (no jeans or skirts!)

A full treatment takes around one and a half hours and includes deep abdominal work to aid organ detoxification as well as stretches to the arms, legs and back, and massage of the hands, feet, face and scalp. A shorter one hour version is also available which involves stretches to the legs, arms and back.

1 hour – £35

1 and ½ hours – £50


Hot Stone Massage

Using basalt stones heated in a water bath this massage feels lighter than other massages but the heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles giving the benefits of much deeper work yet being exceptionally soothing and relaxing. Stones may also be left on the body to aid relaxation. A full treatment includes massage to the face, arms, hands, abdomen (if requested) legs, feet and back.

¾ hour (back only) – £28

1 and ½ hours – £55